Santiago is a small city, therefore the campus is easily reachable on foot from most hotels in the southern part and city centre. There are plenty of hotels you can choose, and there is also availability of some rooms from the USC residence.



    Some recommended hotels (but there are many more):

    • Gran Hotel (4*)
    • AC Palacio del Carmen (5*)
    • Peregrino (4*)
    • Casa de Europa (from the University, only 6 rooms are available)
    • Pazos Alba (2*, but interesting)

    If we do the reservation from the USC we can try to get special university prizes in some of the above hotels.

    You can look for them at: [Accommodation at Santiago tourism web] , [] , and others.


    We have reserved 12 double rooms with preference for the 24 granted students (shared rooms). The price is 12.50eur (+10% VAT) per person.

    We also have 8 additional single rooms at the price of 25eur (+10% VAT) each. Tutors will have priority for single rooms.

    Breakfast is not included.

    Please contact us ( if you are interested in either hosting in a single-room or sharing a double room.