Scope and Goals

The Workshop of Physical Agents intends to be a forum for information and experiences exchange in different areas regarding the concept of agent on physical environments, especially applied to the control and coordination of autonomous systems: robots, mobile robots, industrial processes or complex systems. Participation to WAF'2012 is open to Spanish and international research groups from areas related to autonomous control systems and artificial intelligence applied to robotics and domotics.

Areas of interest

We look for contributions describing scientific works in all areas that use agent-based technologies concepts, especially industrial applications, robotics and domotics (physical agents) and applications related to the information society (software agents), highlighting the similarities and synergies among physical and software agents. We understand that physical agent applications are mainly orientated to the control, coordination and planning of autonomous systems: industrial or mobile robots, industrial processes, domotics and complex systems. Contributions can also be related to educational aspects of the above mentioned technologies. As in previous years, topics related to Robocup and FIRA (robotic soccer), AgentLink, and AgentCities will also be welcomed. That is: Computer vision techniques, planning on dynamic systems, simulation environments as RoboSoccer or JavaSoccer, motion coordination and cooperation among robots, interchange of network services, Internet, etc. Just as previous editions, the Program Committee invites participants to bring real robots to the Workshop.

Submissions of papers are invited in any of the following topics, and in related areas:
  • Physical agents
  • Software agents
  • Multiagent systems
  • Domotic agents & applications
  • Smart-sensors networks
  • Human-Robot interaction
  • Robotic manipulators
  • Robocup and soccer robots
  • Mobile robots
  • Autonomous and semiautonomous robots
  • Cooperating robots
  • Industrial robotics
  • Applied intelligent robotic systems
  • Computer vision and robotics
  • SLAM
  • Artificial Vision and Robotics
  • Machine learning and robotics

Demos and Exhibitions

As in former editions of this workshop, the organizing committee will support live or video-based demos and exhibitions. Those interested in taking part in the mobile robots exhibitions must contact the organization as soon as possible in order to organize the logistic aspects. Some suggested exhibitions are: robotic soccer players, searching & collecting robots, exploratory and map building robots, cooperating robots, guide robots, surveillance robots, etc. Additionally, a commented video may be a suitable demo if, due to any reason, live demos should not be possible.
Creative Commons License
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